I’m excited to announce my latest project at InVision, the Design Systems Handbook. I started working with the InVision team on the previous 3 books in the DesignBetter.Co library, and I was delighted to be able to continue the creative direction in this latest book.
Written by design systems experts Jina Anne (formerly Salesforce), Katie Sylor-Miller (Etsy), Diana Mounter (GitHub), Marco Suarez (InVision), and Roy Stanfield (Airbnb), Design Systems Handbook uses illustrations to highlight their practical insights.
Through each chapter, you’ll learn to create consistent user experiences across all products and platforms, with actionable advice on structuring and maintaining your design system as it evolves. Each of these renowned leaders have created design systems with some of the best teams in the world—and they’re sharing their experiences with you! 

Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery: Content
Aaron Stump: Creative & Art Direction 
Jared Granger: Brand Design & Art Direction 
Anton Aheichanka: Web Design & Animation 
Luisa Mancera: Web Design
Connor Murphy: Design 
Jack Daly: Illustration
Developed Artwork
Sketches (+ cutting room floor)
You made it to the end! 
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