This is the final set of conceptual illustrations I was commissioned to create for DesignBetter.Co—the essential guide to product design. Currently the library features three books: Design Leadership HandbookPrinciples of Product Design and Design Thinking Handbook. The final of those three books tells how the concept of design thinking partly evolved from the space race of the mid twentieth century.

These illustrations were just a small part of what was an incredible effort by InVision's Design Education Team (Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery) and I'd definitely recommend you head over and check out DesignBetter.Co to see what a valuable resource the team have created.

Aaron Stump: Creative & Art Direction 
Jared Granger: Brand Design & Art Direction 
Anton Aheichanka: Web Design & Animation 
Luisa Mancera: Web Design
Connor Murphy: Design 
Jack Daly: Illustration
Developed Artwork
Initial Sketches

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